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OCC Fall Pilates Mat Syllabus

Posted on December 31, 2019 at 5:00 AM

Orange Coast College

Course Syllabus


(24022) Tuesdays 7:00-9:05pm -or- (20583) Saturdays 8:00-10:05pm

Professor: Audrey Wilson


You may reach me by text: 714-345-3443 or Email:

Note: I will NOT drop you. If you cannot complete the course, YOU must drop yourself.

Welcome to PILATES I look forward to spending the semester doing PILATES with you. You will be amazed at how helpful PILATES is with your own personal health and fitness goals. Together, we will explore ways to help you accomplish your goals using the PILATES method. Throughout the semester, you may experience a range of feelings, including: success and failure; challenge and boredom; frustration and accomplishment. Please know that I and your fellow students will be there to help as you progress. Remember be persistent, work hard, put in time and effort and you will succeed.

I will do everything in my power to give you all the resources and support to help you succeed. Reach out to me early if you have any questions or concerns. I want to help.

The following information is required by OCC:

CREDITS: 1 to 2 credits


COURSE DESCRIPTION: A course in alignment and correctives work based on the program developed by Joseph H. Pilates. Included in the training will be Pilates principles, injury prevention and kinesiological awareness. It is designed to improve your body’s alignment, strength, flexibility, control, coordination, and breathing.


1. Demonstrate increased core strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, body articulation, coordination and alignment.
2. Demonstrate understanding and use of the six basic principles inherent in Pilates.


  1. As my student, you will actively participate in regular Pilates mat workouts; learn new exercises and their proper techniques; and apply the six basic principles inherent in Pilates to your workout.
  2. You will develop a list of Pilates exercises designed to address 3 personal goals which you choose at the beginning of the semester.
  3. You will be exposed to a series of applied kinesiological techniques designed to balance your health, muscle strength and connection, and reduce stress.
  4. You will evaluate your progress.


  1. Physical participation and execution of cross-training exercises
  2. Lecture and group discussions
  3. Instructor's corrections and feedback
  4. Written assessments 


1. ATTENDANCE (affects the FULL semester grade): 
This is an activity course so, of course, attendance in this class is very important. The good news is you get three (3) free (excused or unexcused) absences to work with. After your 3rd absence, however, your entire semester grade drops a FULL grade for each subsequent absence. And arriving late or leaving early = a tardy. Two tardies = one absence. So, if you are concerned about your attendance, communicate with me early so you and I can find a solution before it becomes too late. THERE ARE NO MAKE UPS, If you are absent, you will not receive credit for participation. PLEASE DON'T MISS CLASS!

2. PARTICIPATION: Participation is essential for the same reason listed above in attendance. Being present and participating will help you both physically and mentally grow stronger in Pilates. If you cannot participate, and well-written observation of the class turned in at the end of the period will ensure you receive attendance and 2/3's credit for that day's participation.

3. CLASS ASSIGNMENT: Your assignment is all about you and accomplishing your own personal goals for yourself. Please be sure your assignment is typed using font size 14 and 2.0 line spacing. This gives me room to write feedback as I read your work.

1) Goals- (5 points) List three (3) things you would like to see improvement in this semester. Be specific.

2) Discuss how Pilates helps you reach each goal. (30 points).  As you learn a Pilates exercise that will help you:

--Write the exercise and the corresponding goal down

--Explain in detail how it helps
 your goal.  (No need to describe the exercise)
--Discuss two (2) helpful modifications to the exercise to help your goal.  Modifications may make the exercise easier or harder depending on the goal.

3) Self-Evaluation - (5 points) Evaluate the progress you have made this semester. What has improved in your technique? What are you still working on? Are there any changes you would like to make? How will you implement these changes? To help me know if we are on the same page, please include the grade you feel you have EARNED (NOT deserved) this semester.


--Six Principles Test (24 points) - List and describe each of the six principles inherent in Pilates.
--Skills Test (10 points) - Evaluation of a Pilates workout based on exercise execution and knowledge.

5. OCC Dance Concert: (5 points) You will purchase and attend this semester's dance concert.  Turn in the ticket stub with your name written on it (1 point). Type an evaluation of how a specific Pilates exercise could help specific types of movemenmt from a dance in the show (4 points).

EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES: See above - #2 in Class Assignment.  You may do more than 3 goals or up to 3 exercises for each goal.  Note that while extra credit helps your grade, it will not affect the consequence of absences. PLEASE DO NOT MISS CLASS.

IMPORTANT DATES: Due dates will be discussed on the 1st day of class.  YOU MAY ALWAYS TURN YOUR WORK IN EARLY!!!

1st class meeting. - Signed contract for the semester is due.

TBA___Tues 9/12/17, Sat 9/16/17______________ - Goals for the semester are due.

TBA___Tues 10/3/17, Sat 10/7/17______________ - 6 Principles Test

TBA___Tues 11/21/17-Sun 11/26/17______________ - Thanksgiving -or- Spring Break -o-r 4th of July -or- Other Holidays

TBA___Tues 10/10/17, Sat 10/14/17______________ - 1st Goal project is due

TBA___Tues 10/31/17, Sat 11/4/17______________ - 2nd Goal project is due

TBA___Tues 11/14/17, Sat 11/18/17______________ - 3rd Goal project is due

TBA___Tues 12/12/17, Sat 12/16/17______________ - Self-evaluation and Dance Concert paper is due

TBA___Tues 12/12/17, Sat 12/16/17______________ - Skills Test and Extra Credit


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