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Chapman Dance Syllabus - Intermediate

Posted on December 31, 2019 at 5:00 AM

Chapman University Department of Dance

Course Syllabus for DANC 239-02

Intermediate Ballroom Dance: Swing-Lindy

Day: Tuesdays & Thursdays Time: 2:00-2:50pm

Professor/Instructor: Audrey Wilson

You may reach me by text: 714-345-3443 or E-mail:

!!!!! I will NOT drop you. If you can not finish this class YOU need to drop yourself. !!!!!



Welcome to Intermediate Ballroom: Swing - Lindy

I am excited about this class. It is meant for dance majors, Swing Cat company members, and those who have taken the first class before. We will cover the same material as level one at a quicker pace, add additional material, learn both leader & follower roles, and possibly create choreography and/or add an additional dance style too. This is your class so be sure to let me know what you’re interested in. Bring in music you enjoy (clean versions only) and we will use it in class or choreography. This is your class so we will proceed at your pace. The 3 dance parties will still happen, however their focus will shift to whatever we work on in class.  Plan to work hard, support each other's learning process, and have fun!

Credits: .5

Prerequisites: DANC 139 or Instructor’s permission

Catalog Description: This dance activity course is an introduction to social dancing with an emphasis on American ballroom dances: fox trot, waltz, swing, and Latin ballroom dances: cha cha, mambo, and tango. (Offered every semester.)

Restrictions: None

Course Learning Outcomes (Program Learning Outcomes):  Department Program Learning Outcomes are available for students to view at the following URL:  http//

Students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate at a fundamental level skill in the principles of Ballroom Dance. (BA 1: BFA1)

2. Demonstrate increased core strength, endurance, and flexibility in Ballroom Dance. (BA 1: BFA1)

3. Demonstrate improvement in body articulation, coordination, transitions, weight transference, connections, and lines of movement. (BA 1: BFA1)

4. Demonstrate at a developed level skill in the performance qualities of intention, expression, focus, dynamics, and musicality. (BA 1: BFA1)

Course Content:

1. Understand and apply the principles in leading &/or following a partner.

2. Master a variety of step combinations

3. Demonstrate the ability to combine these steps on the social dance floor

4. Demonstrate understanding of the rhythms of the dances and how they relate to the music.

Required Text: None

Instructional Strategies / Learning Activities (Course Learning Outcomes)

1. Physical participation and execution of dance steps on the social dance floor (CLO 1,2,3,4)

2. Lectures and group discussions (CLO 1,2,3,4)

3. Instructors corrections and feedback (CLO 1,2,3,4)

Methods of Evaluation: (Course Learning Outcomes)

Students will be evaluated in categories of:

1. Attendance (CLO 1,2,3,4)

2. Participation (CLO 1,2,3,4)

3. Exams (CLO 1,2,3,4)

Methods of Evaluation Descriptions:

1. ATTENDANCE:  This is an activity class so, of course, attendance in this class is very important. You get one (1) free absence (excused, unexcused, or other school event). On your 2nd and each subsequent absence, however, your entire semester grade drops a FULL grade. And arriving late or leaving early = a tardy. Two tardies = one absence. The good news is YOU MAY MAKE-UP FIVE (5) ABSENCES USING EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES LISTED BELOW. But, if you are absent, you will not receive credit for participation. PLEASE DON'T MISS CLASS!

2. PARTICIPATION: Participation is essential for the same reason listed above in attendance. Being present and participating will help you both physically and mentally grow stronger in these dances. If you cannot participate, and well-written observation of the class shown to me at the end of the period will ensure you receive attendance plus 2/3's credit for that day's participation.

3. DANCE PARTY EXAMS: All exams will cover lead / follow technique, footwork, class material, partner connection, musicality, and whatever else we work on this semester. Be ready to dance. Don’t miss the exams! THERE ARE NO MAKE-UPS! NO EXCEPTIONS! YOU MUST BE THERE FOR BOTH DAYS OF EACH EXAM.

RULES To protect our floors, there is absolutely no food, drink (accept water), or street shoes in the studio! Street shoes are defined as: Any shoe that has been worn outside.

ATTIRE You must wear dance shoes. No dancing in your bare feet or socks. You can order shoes online at: Or, you may want to swede some comfortable shoes. You will need to wear deodorant. The room is often quite warm so wear comfortable layers of clothing so you can adjust for the temperature since we have NO control over the thermostat.


Due the first class meeting - Sign and turn in the course contract.

Due the second class meeting - Bring course paperwork from my website to class.

Dates___________________- 1st Dance Party Exam will be held during both classes of the week.

Dates___________________ - 2nd Dance Party Exam will be held during both classes of the week.

Dates___________________ - Thanksgiving -or- Spring Break

Dates___________________ - Final Dance Party Exam will be held during both classes of the week.

Due_____________________ - All extra credit must be turned in.


Extra Credit Opportunities: You may earn extra credit by going out dancing. Choose a place where you can work on your dance skills. This can be done with others in the class, or on you own. During each outing get the signatures of (2) two people you danced with who have been dancing longer than you have (no fellow Chapman students). Print your dance card from Audrey’s website. This is where you will keep track of your outings & signatures. You may make up five (5) absences by going out dancing. One (1) absence for each outing. You may also earn up to ten (10) points of extra credit:

1.You may go out swing dancing. One (1) point for each outing

2.You may take an outside swing related class. One (1) Point Each

3.You may attend a swing related workshop or camp. One (1) Point Per Day

You must document proof for all of your outings (ticket stub, teacher or partners' signatures, etc.). No extra credit will be awarded without proof!

20 Point Grading Scale (Dance exams only) 10 Point Grading Scale:

A = 18.2 - 20 A = 9.1 - 10

A- = 17.2 – 18.15 A- = 8.6 - 9

B+ = 15.2 – 17.15 B+ = 7.6 - 8.5

B = 13.2 – 15.15 B = 6.6 - 7.5

B- = 12.2 – 13.15 B- = 6.1 - 6.5

C+ = 10.2 – 12.15 C+ = 5.1 - 6

C = 8.2 – 10.15 C = 4.1 - 5

C- = 8.05 - 8.15 C- = 3.6 - 4

D+ = 5.2 - 7 D+ = 2.6 - 3.5

D = 3.2 – 5.15 D = 1.6 - 2.5

D- = 2.2 – 3.15 D- = 1.1 - 1.5

F = 0 - 2.15 F = 0 - 1

Chapman University’s Academic Integrity Policy:

Chapman University is a community of scholars that emphasizes the mutual responsibility of all members to seek knowledge honestly and in good faith. Students are responsible for doing their own work and academic dishonesty of any kind will be subject to sanction by the instructor/administrator and referral to the university Academic Integrity Committee, which may impose additional sanctions including expulsion. Please see the full description of Chapman

University's policy on Academic Integrity at Chapman University’s Students with Disabilities Policy In compliance with ADA guidelines, students who have any condition, either permanent or temporary, that might affect their ability to perform in this class are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Office. If you will need to utilize your approved accommodations in this class, please follow the proper notification procedure for informing your professor(s). This notification process must occur more than a week before any accommodation can be utilized. Please contact Disability Services at (714) 516–4520 or visit if you have questions regarding this procedure or for information or to make an appointment to discuss and/or request potential accommodations based on documentation of your disability. Once formal approval of your need for an accommodation has been granted, you are encouraged to talk with your professor(s) about your accommodation options. The granting of any accommodation will not be retroactive and cannot jeopardize the academic standards or integrity of the course. Chapman University’s Equity and Diversity Policy Chapman University is committed to ensuring equality and valuing diversity. Students and professors are reminded to show respect at all times as outlined in Chapman’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy. Please see the full description of this policy at http// Any violations of this policy should be discussed with the professor, the dean of students and/or otherwise

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